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burning questions

/‘bur-ning ‘kwes­-chuhnz/
1. Urgent or critical issues under discussion.

2. A San Francisco-based team that brings clarity and precision to decision-making. 

Research Designers.   Strategy Facilitators.   Problem Solvers.

We uncover answers.
Indecision is the enemy of progress.

In our experience, the best decisions start with the right questions. That’s why we focus on your burning questions.

Progress requires unflappable focus.




Indecision comes from many places and confidence only comes after resolving key questions.

Burning Questions defines the problem and frames the questions that will solve it.




The best answers are found in unexpected places. It’s wise to be nimble and resourceful regarding where you look. 

Burning Questions designs the most efficient plan of attack to find the answers you need.




Answers are sometimes right in front of us, but clouded by too much extraneous information that distracts or misleads.

Burning Questions delivers clear, concise answers that lead to action and engagement for your team.

Leslie Kennedy 

I'm that person you dread sitting beside on an airplane or in a waiting room. My curiosity about people often trumps personal space.

Surprising facts about you?

What should people

know about you?

What is your superpower?

What is your mantra?

Why did you start

Burning Questions?

As we looked back over the hundreds of projects we’ve individually tackled, we recognized a mutual talent for moving people and projects forward. It takes discipline and focus, and the sincere desire to shed light on vexing issues. Burning Questions is a collaboration between two MBA’s (Stanford and Dartmouth), who also have a strong creative bent and know how to use it. We love working together to untangle problems and uncover answers to the burning questions holding you back. 

What’s it like to work with you?

Challenging – but in the best possible way. 
Exhilaratingly productive.

Susan Bandura

“Seek clarity.” I had the opportunity to work with brilliantly creative and analytic thinkers during my time at Mullen and Goodby and the underlying asset I observed was their ability to bring clarity to both the problem and solution.

I’m way out on the “relatable” vector. I can draw nearly anyone out of their shell, from a single working class mom in Iowa, to a CEO in Manhattan.

I’m a Glass Bottle Blowers of America scholarship winner. The original name of my hometown was Hardscrabble. I have a secret ingredient for pie crust. And I do a mean Argentine tango.




Leslie: 415.215.9456 

Susan: 415.717.9839


942 Union Street,

San Francisco, CA 94133

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